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The heart of logistics beats in the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region

the logistic region presents itself

The German capital region plays a leading role in German logistics. With its central location and excellent infrasrtucture Berlin is in a strong position for trade throughout central, eastern and western Europe. Other factors which benefit the city are its education system, tradition of innovation, the international nature of the city and accessibility.

Particularly important is co-operation between business and science communities. Internationally renowned universities and colleges, research institutions and technology centres provide a strong foundation for many collaborations and the network formations. This increases the attraction of the region as a base for new, technology-oriented companies. Start-ups also benefit from inexpensive commercial real estate.

The proximity and accessibility of key decision-makers offer a further advantage for the Berlin-Brandenburg location. Federal ministries, embassies and many important organisations are located in the capital, as are leading associations of business and science.

Ideal location

Attractive business location, political and cultural centre and high quality of life - Berlin-Brandenburg has much to offer

Advantages for companies:

  • favourable geographical location in the centre of Europe
  • excellent infrastructure with connections to all important European core markets
  • high density of state-of-the-art freight traffic centres
  • extensive logistics portfolio with international transport networks
  • important sales market with over six million inhabitants
  • great growth potential thanks to immediately available settlement areas
  • moderate operating and labour costs
  • competence cluster for academically trained specialists, concentrated logistics and business know-how thanks to specialised universities
  • Support for all relevant location issues
  • active promotion of commercial settlements

Living in the region
As a metropolitan region, Berlin-Brandenburg has all the advantages of a large city together with a green hinterland. The region offers three opera houses, 130 stages, more than 220 museums and 500 castles, churches and parks. Regarding education, there is a wide choice of schooling available, from international kindergartens through to some 40 state and private universities. The Spreewald, the Uckermark and the Fläming Nature Park, as well as numerous lakes,  are among the many opportunities for those seeking the outdoor life.