Projects: So much to do!

Finding solutions, developing strategies, planning the future - project work is one of the important tasks of the LNBB | LogisticsNet Berlin-Brandenburg. The LNBB engages as coordinator and administator in appropriate projects that promote, for example, the location and the infrastructure. Network partners benefit from these initiatives because they can actively support and participate in the implementation of pioneering ideas and also benefit financially.

An overview of current projects can be found on the following pages:

  • North-south traffic
  • Seaport hinterland transport (SHV)
  • Central Asia Invest (CAI)
  • LVN International
  • LNBB logistics breakfast

I am a member of LogistikNetz ...

"... we - in Forst (Lausitz) - want to develop the Trans-European Transport Corridor for Logistics and the Lausitz Industrial Park."

Dr. Jürgen Goldschmidt
Stadt Forst (Lausitz)

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