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The German capital Berlin is located in the middle of Brandenburg and thus in the heart of Europe. The region has already established itself as a strategically important hub between East and West, but the north-south axis along the Scandinavian-Adriatic corridor is also becoming increasingly important.

As a central location, Berlin-Brandenburg is directly connected to all important core markets in Europe - by air, water or land. The region is also the hub for seaports in the north, which are on average no more than 300 kilometers by road.

With over 6.5 million inhabitants, the capital region has an attractive potential for workers and end consumers. From here, goods can reach more than 200 million consumers by rail and lorry within one day.

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"... we - in Forst (Lausitz) - want to develop the Trans-European Transport Corridor for Logistics and the Lausitz Industrial Park."

Dr. Jürgen Goldschmidt
Stadt Forst (Lausitz)

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