Transport, Mobility, Logistics

The LNBB | LogisticsNet Berlin-Brandenburg is a key component of the innovation cluster transport, mobility, logistics as part of the joint innovation strategy of the states of Berlin and Brandenburg.

The cluster is one of the most successful and growing areas of the Capital region: At the core of scientific and business interaction more than 2,000 new jobs were created between 2010 and 2012 alone. Today, some 164,000 people are employed in companies and research institutions in the cluster, over 56,000 of them in the field of logistics. All in all more than 180,000 people in the German Capital region work in logistical jobs. And the prospects are good:

For the future development of important topics such as electric vehicles, intermodal transport concepts and energy efficiency, the Capital Region offers its excellent research and development facilities, and the compression in the metropolitan area ideal conditions. Regional and international networking solutions for transport services are a key to economic growth and social development in the coming years.

A current version of the latest cluster report (2012/2013) can be downloaded from the TSB Technology Foundation Berlin website.

>> Cluster report (12.2 MB)
>> Cluster Website

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