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LNBB | LogistikNetz
Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

an der TH Wildau
Hochschulring 1
15745 Wildau

Tel. :  +49 3375 508.409
Fax:   +49 3375 508.275


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LNBB | LogisticsNet Berlin-Brandenburg

The LogisticsNet Berlin-Brandenburg strengthens the capital region as a logistics and business location. Companies specializing in production, trade and service can find in us the central contact for all questions concerning infrastructure, logistics solutions, business models, process consulting and possibilities for grants.

We are developing the region into a hub for East-West and North-South traffic. Berlin-Brandenburg has established itself as a logistics center for inland seaport for the handling of goods from overseas.

We are intensifying the networking of science and industry in order to position Berlin-Brandenburg as a leading logistics competence center.

We offer

  • new national and international business contacts focused on Eastern Europe and connecting Europe and Asia
  • community projects to business and location development
  • regional marketing and cooperative press relations
  • joint fair appearances, conferences and events
  • process consulting and exchange on innovations as well as best practice examples
  • administration of R & D projects financed in public-private partnership

I am a member of LogistikNetz ...

"... we - in Forst (Lausitz) - want to develop the Trans-European Transport Corridor for Logistics and the Lausitz Industrial Park."

Dr. Jürgen Goldschmidt
Stadt Forst (Lausitz)

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